Makeup Tips for Teens

      If you have a teen daughter who wears makeup, Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Kendra Stanton wants to help you help her avoid the most common mistakes!. Kendra stopped by our studios to share her tips.

      You'll find more beauty tips on Kendra's Citizens of Beauty blog.

      5 Makeup Mistakes Teens Make

      1- Not Having a Good Skincare Regimen: Before you invest in makeup, you should know how to properly take care of you skin. I truly believe that it is best to wear as little makeup on your face as necessary and in order to do that, you need to start taking care of your skin first. This means getting on a skincare program that is suited for your skin-type and making sure to wash your face morning and night to get left over makeup, sweat, and oils off.

      2- Too Much Foundation: Like I said, if you don't need it, there is no reason to wear it. My goal when doing someones foundation is to make it look like they aren't wearing any at all. So, use something that is light in texture like the Shine control foundation from Neutrogena. You can even just mix that with you moisturizer and make it a tint. If you have a blemish you are wanting to cover up, just use a concealer on that spot, but there is no need to cake on more foundation.

      3- Wrong Foundation Color: This is one of the hugest mistakes I see Teens make all the time. Either it's too light making you appear really washed out, or it is 5 shades too dark. A lot of teens want to look tan so they think a darker foundation will do the trick. Nope, it just looks bad. So instead of trying to find the right shade by yourself, go to a makeup professional who can match you and make sure you are wearing the correct shade of foundation. If you can't do that, go to a drugstore that will allow you to return your makeup if it is the wrong choice.

      4- Too Heavy of Eye-makeup : I know it's so fun to experiment with eye makeup, but less truly is best. Try something simple like an eyeshadow stick that is fast, but still gives you a pretty look. Also, if you must wear eyeliner- choose a dark brown shade instead of black. Learn to be really light handed with your eyeliner by making small little dots close to your lash line and then smoothing it out with an angled liner brush. For mascara, finding one that is both thickening and lengthening will allow you to get a good look with just one coat. It will also cut down on your time putting it on. Your lashes should look natural, not spidery and clumpy.

      5- Over Tweezing Your Brows: This a a huge mistake that unfortunately we all have probably done at some point. When I was a teen, mine looked like Nike signs; it was wasn't a pretty look. So avoid making my brow blunder and see a brow specialist who can wax or thread your brows, then teach you how to maintain that shape if you can't afford to go back in for regular maintenance.