Making Resolutions that Stick

      Polly Campbell, author of "Imperfect Spirituality," stopped by with some great ideas about how to start thinking about New Year's resolutions.

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      Make 2013 Your Most Successful Year Yet With Resolutions You Can Keep
      Tired of feeling like a failure every time you set (and break) your New Year's resolution?
      Do it differently in 2013 and not only will you be more productive and successful on whatever you put your mind to, but you'll feel a whole lot better and have more fun.

      So many of our resolutions focus on a specific achievement - to stop smoking, or lose weight - when what we really want is the feeling that we experience when we achieve those goals. Find ways to experience those positive emotions NOW and you're more likely to create positive changes that sustain them.
      Here's how:

      1. Pick a theme rather than a single goal. For example, if you want to lose weight what you are really going for is a healthier body or the confidence that comes when you know you look good. So, instead of resolving to lose 50 pounds, pick a theme of overall health and do healthy things for your body year round. When you are nurturing your body, chances are the weight will come off anyhow, and this open-ended approach opens up your options for creating good health.

      2. Commit to the process rather than the outcome. Want to build wealth, write a book, lose weight (or experience some other positive change) in the New Year? Then rather than focusing only on one big outcome - which leaves you feeling like a failure if you don't hit it -- focus on doing one thing each day that will lead you in the direction of your desire. You don't have to lose 20 pounds in the first week to be a success. You can simply decide to eat the carrot sticks instead of the potato chips in one moment of one day and know that you are living your theme and moving toward your personal goals. By being open to the process you make room for possibilities that you haven't even considered yet to enter your life. This feels better than being restricted by one path toward a single outcome - and you're more likely to be successful.