Male Menopause

      Men often say: "I'm gaining weight and more tired, must be old age" "I'm getting forgetful, must be old age" "I used to have more get up and go"
      Wives say: "He doesn't seem as interested in me" "He falls asleep watching television" "He is moody and grumpy."

      Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Greg Eckel, explained that hese are all common symptoms of Low T or Andropause. Testosterone plays a critical role in maintaining both physical and mental health. From its peak in the late teens and early 20's, the production of male hormones taper off steadily from the age of 35 onward.

      Testosterone deficiency is often associated with symptoms such as night sweats,insulin resistance, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, decreased mental and physical ability, lower ambition, loss of muscle mass, joint pain and weight gain in the waist.

      This and other hormone imbalances can create insomnia and sleep disturbances which could mean stress hormones, like cortisol, may become out of balance. This is not just 'aging' or getting old. This is andropause, the male equivalent of menopause.

      As testosterone naturally declines in men's 4th decade of life, there can be an increase of belly fat, which can lead to metabolic syndrome. This visceral fat is more insulin resistant and leads to a vicious cycle that if not addressed can lead to diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.

      What to do?
      Get your hormone levels checked- free and total testosterone, prostate specific antigen (PSA), DHEA (the precursor hormone), cortisol, Epinephrine, norepinephrine (adrenal gland) and thyroid hormones. These all interrelate and influence each other.

      For healthy testosterone levels--natural supplements:
      Vitamin A
      The UCLA School of Medicine studied the plant MUIRA PUAMA and found it had the ability to increase testosterone production in men,
      Another way to do this is by taking the nutrient L-ARGININE. A recent study showed that men taking less than two grams of l-arginine daily for two weeks had improvement. Another study of men taking five grams a day, demonstrated similar results.
      Go to your qualified healthcare practitioner. Hormones are complex and it's usually not just a quick fix. Get your levels checked. Exercise- it's a great libido booster!!