Manage Your Time to Make the Most of Life

      Rhonda Sciortino, author of the book Succeed Because of What You've Been Through, joined us to share some simple ways to manage the time you have, to create the life you want. Rhonda says, "Every one of us is allotted a brand new set of 24 hours every day. No one gets any more or any less. Some people seem to be able to accomplish so much more with their 24 hours than do others." So why is that?

      Effective time management:

      • Make a list the night before of the things that MUST be done the next day. Prioritize in order of importance.

      • Start on the first item and go down through the list WITHOUT DISTRACTION. Check email later, return calls later, run errands later. Be diligent in making this routine.

      • Carry your task list with you so that you can review, revise, and re-prioritize as needed. (If you have a smart phone, add tasks and alarms to remind you of what needs done and when.)

      • Carry reading material and notecards and pen with you for those times when you find yourself waiting so that you can stay on top of those things that are important to you, write notes to friends, family, clients, co-workers, prospects, etc. (I keep my notecards and stamps in a Ziploc baggie in my handbag.)

      • Carry trail mix or a granola bar with you at all times. When we miss a meal, we can get irritable, impatient, and can wind up throwing priorities out the window. Don't get derailed by low blood sugar.

      Learning what NOT to do at all:

      • Write down the top 5 things you want to do with your life. Ex: raise great kids, have good relationships, earn enough money, be a good teacher--or whatever it is you do. (If you have more than 5 things, you ask yourself, "If I can only do 1 or 2 in this life, which one would I choose?" Go down through the list until you've narrowed down to the top 5.)

      • Write down all the things you do for a whole week. Write down stop & start times. At the end of the week, review to see where your time went. (This could be a real eye opener!)

      • List the top 5 "time suckers" during your week, and compare them to your top 5 life goals. Ask yourself, "Do the things I'm spending my time on help me achieve my top 5 life goals? If not, eliminate or minimize those activities. If so, relax and know that you're INVESTING your time in the things most important to you.

      For more information, visit Rhonda's website.