Managing Money & Emotions After the Loss of a Loved One

      Each year; approximately 1.2 million Americans lose their spouses with little or no idea how chaotic it can be just to get past the paperwork. Susan Alpert had business savvy and a successful career running multimillion-dollar companies. But that business know-how did not prepare her for the complex job of settling her husband's affairs while also dealing with the fog of grief.
      As with most widows, she found herself overwhelmed with the financial, legal, civic and personal paper work necessary for settling the present and planning the future. Eventually, she harnessed her business experience and organizational skills to get the job done, learning from her trials and errors along the way. Since then, she has made it her mission to help others prepare for and prevail over the chaos of suddenly finding themselves alone and in an unfamiliar chapter in their lives. She has put what she learned into her new book Driving Solo where readers can learn, among other things:

      Tips for converting chaos into control
      How taking care of paperwork can actually help the healing process
      Phases 1, 2 and 3 of digging out of the mountain of paperwork
      Tips for your journey back to happiness