Massage for Autism

      One in 68 American kids have autism. A local university is working on a hands-on treatment--Qigong Massage. Louisa Silva, M.D., M.P.H, joined us to talk about how a daily parent-given massage is showing great promise in treating the disorder.

      Dr. Silva and Western Oregon University (WOU) received a federal grant for further study of massage on autism. They are currently looking for Portland & Salem-area families. The services are free and available in several local communities. The child must have a diagnosis of autism and be under age 6. Enrollment in the study ends on April 16.

      For more information on the study, click here. Or you can call their offices at 503-474-0218. For more information on the Qigong Massage treatment, visit this website. To watch an informative video by Dr. Silva, click here.