"Men Behind the Mask"

      They say 'It's Not a Costume, It's a Calling.' Behind the Mask is a funny, entertaining and at times poignant documentary series, premiering on HULU on September 29th, that tells the moving stories of these masked men, capturing their highs and lows, both inside and outside the suits.

      Jon 'Jersey' Goldman is Hey Reb! He's a sixth year senior at UNLV who is living the dream: full scholarship, celeb status on and off campus and lots of time with the Rebel Girls dance team. But all good things must come to an end, and this is his last year at college. What will he do next and how tough will the transition be? Find out when you speak with him.

      Michael Hostetter is Rooty the Cedar Tree, the high schooler of the group, the ultimate underdog who takes life's wins and losses in touching, comedic stride. He never gives up, always cheering on his school's struggling football team. His goal this year is to help lead his school to a single victory (they are winless in virtually every sport) and ideally to find a girlfriend, which won't be easy as he is also an avid fan of "all things trains."