Middle Eastern Cooking and Festival

      Mahsa Darabi showed us how to make a delcious Middle Eatsern summer salad and drink! For recipes head to our recipes page.

      To try delicious middle eatern cooking and experience the bright culutre head to the 15th Annual Iranian Festival.

      WHEN: Saturday August 2nd, 2014

      10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      WHERE: South Park Blocks, Portland State University
      Please join us to celebrate this milestone Anniversary and showcase our heritage to the greater Portland Community!
      DETAIL: In addition to Mayor Doyle of Beaverton and Mayor Hales of Portland addressing the Festival, we will have:

      Parade of Drummers and Showcasing of Persian Costumes
      Live Music & Dance Performances
      Traditional Arts & Crafts
      Activities and games for Children & Adults
      Food & Desserts!
      Iran's Got Talent Contest
      Scholarship Presentations

      Wear your 'Traditional Iranian Outfits' and showcase the beauty of the Iranian culture and heritage. Random outfits will receive prizes.