Missionary Chocolates

      Missionary Chocolates was founded by Naturopathic Physician Melissa Berry, ND. The 'mission' of the company is to open a holistic healing center in downtown PDX.

      Melissa's handcrafted chocolate truffles were originally created with coconut milk as a gift for her mother, who is allergic to dairy. Melissa believes everyone should be able to enjoy the small splurge of chocolate. Whether you are vegan, have an allergy, or just simply like eating healthy, you too can enjoy the gift of Missionary Chocolate truffles! And the best part? You can feel good that you are supporting a local, sustainable company that has a mission to help the community.

      Missionary Chocolates mission is to use profits to fund an Integrative Naturopathic Healing Center here in Portland. And, like her chocolate, Melissa believes everyone in our community should be able to have access to naturopathic treatments and so with every truffle you eat, you help the dream to build a Naturopathic Hospital with chocolate.

      Missionary Chocolates is located at 2712 NE Glisan in Portland. Their phone number is 503-890-9721.