Moving with Pets

      Pet Expert Cheryl Hansen shared tips for making a succesful move with your pets.

      Planning ahead when moving with a pet can reduce stress for both owner and pet. Here are key points to consider:

      1. Become acquainted with animal regulations in the area to which you are moving. Check homeowners' association or apartment regulations re pets

      2. Visit your vet for full check up, collect all records, certificates. Discuss sedatives if anxious pet will be traveling. Ask for referral to a vet in your new location

      3. Get a new pet ID tag and change the contact information for your pet chip

      4. Maintain as normal a routine as possible during preparation for moving, pack slowly over time to be less disruptive, take your dog to a day care or friend's house on moving day or otherwise secure the pet

      5. If traveling by car, plan to secure your pet to prevent injury or accidents. Use vehicle barrier, pet seat belt, pet car seat, travel crate. Take along pet supplies, plan for travel sickness.

      6. Arrange for pet friendly accommodations. Make reservations to ensure that rooms are available.

      7. If traveling by plane, review all airline policies, they are in a constant state of flux. Prepare for sticker shock. Make a reservation for your pet and confirm it. Get a health certificate from the vet.

      8. Remain calm as possible and pay extra attention to your pet, reassure them.
      Maintain a watchful eye and secure pet in new home environment.