Musical Guest HEMA

      From the ashes of several other mutual projects, spanning many years and genres, Award winning band HEMA arose in Portland , Oregon in early 2008. Band members Jason Henderson (guitar/lead vocals), Scott Andergard (drums/vocals), Ryan Estep (bass/vocals), and newest member Jean Gustin (guitar/vocals), represent a uniting of musicians who took wildly different paths to reach a single destination. As their music highlights a melding of musical sounds, the band name in turn reflects a coalescent ideal: HEMA is the lifeblood that flows in melodic transformation through each member directly to the music they produce. HEMA's contemplative lyrics and heartfelt music combine to take listeners to a place that is both rock music and the art of pure emotion. There is no single influence that directs the band's sound; varied genres guide the group to create recipes for simple chill out dishes as well as complex multi-course meals. From rock, indie, punk, and pop, to R&B, jazz, and hip hop, each member's musical experiences contribute to the sound of every song the band creates.

      In 2010 HEMA's song "Shadow" was featured on KINK FM in Portland. This garnered attention for the band, and prompted HEMA fans to vote for another song, "Perfume", to be included on the KINK compilation album of local artists. After earning some recognition, HEMA was pleased to find out that they were nominated for, and eventually won, band of the year at the 2011 Portland Music Awards.

      HEMA performed "My Ride" and "Seventh Day"from their new CD Dontcha' Love It.