Navigating Office Parties

      The holiday season is upon us and for many that means more events, parties, and socializing with relatives, friends, and co-workers. While most of us just think about the fun and good times these moments bring, the savvier among us realize that this time of the year can either be ripe with opportunities to successfully connect with others or be a landmine of awkward, tense, or potentially-damaging interactions and conversations.

      So how does one prepare to handle a nosy relative or rude co-worker at this year's holiday dinners and gatherings?

      How do you set limits with others on what you find acceptable topics of conversation or behavior during this festive season while maintaining a sense of composure and professionalism?

      How do you keep yourself from ruining relationships with friends, family and co-workers as the music plays, drinks flow, and inhibitions decline?

      Kevin McCarney, author of THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION, says it's all about learning to control our impulses, words, and messaging in order to create positive results for ourselves.

      McCarney introduced us to his Big Brain vs. Little Brain concept: Use your Big Brain to win the moment, improve your relationships and get the life you deserve, while preventing your Little Brain from getting you into trouble, creating problems at work, damaging your relationships and limiting your success.