New Year, New You Beauty Trends

      Aesthetician Dorothy Ryan shared beauty tips to keep you beautiful from the inside out.

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      Top 10 Superfoods for gorgeous skin and hair

      Blueberriesthe antioxidants protect you from premature aging

      Wild Salmonthe Omega-3 fatty acids help keep skin supple and moisturized. Vitamin D keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy.

      Spinachloaded with lutein, which keeps your eyes healthy and sparkling.

      Tomatoesbest source of the anti-aging antioxidant lycopene. It's better absorbed when it's cooked or processed.

      Walnuts full of B vitamins, which are particularly great for skin. They also aid in stress management and boosting your mood.

      Kiwiloaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that keeps skin firm and helps prevent wrinkles. The antioxidant also protects from cancer and heart disease,

      Dark Chocolatehelps skin stay hydrated and protects skin from sun damage. Cocoa helps reduce stress hormones, which means less collagen breakdown in the skin, and fewer wrinkles.