New Year's Fashion Resolutions

      Fashion Stylist Kami Gray makes it her mission to help women who struggle with over-stuffed closets, body image issues and a lack of personal style. She stopped by with her New Year's Fashion Resolutions she thinks all women should make for 2013.

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      New Year's Fashion Resolutions

      1) Stop buying things you're not going to wear. To do this, you need to be armed with a checklist of criteria.
      Do you love it?
      Do you know HOW you're going to wear it?
      Do you know WHERE you're going to wear it?
      Is it right for YOU?
      Can you afford it?
      Will you want to wear it a year from now?

      2) Stop buying things you already own or multiples of the same item in different colors. You don't need another black skirt or pair of black trousers or two of the exact same cardigans in gray and navy. Just because something is on sale or you can get two for the price of one doesn't mean you should buy it. If you have a pair of black trousers that you love and wear constantly, move on to something else you don't already have or if you want a gray and a navy cardigan, find two that are different. Make it more fun and mix it up so you don't look like you're forced to wear a uniform.

      3) Stop picking on yourself and accept yourself the way you are. Other people in your life are not critiquing every less than ideal aspect of your body. So if no one else cares, why are we making them an issue? Do the best with what you can, end the negative self talk, replace it by saying something kind to yourself, and move on to more important matters. For my size, I have very large calves. It used to really bother me and I would do everything I could to hide them. Now that I'm older and wiser, I realize why I don't have knee or back problems, because I have some very sturdy legs -- lucky me!

      4) Stop looking at fashion magazines for style inspiration. Instead, look to the new year as a chance to figure out your signature style and play with different variations of that instead. Fashion magazines are full of what manufacturers have filled their warehouses with and want us to buy. I know what I like to wear and what looks good on me. If I stick with that, I'm happy, confident, comfortable, and couldn't care less what's new. And by the way, there is nothing new. Go in your closet and pick out your favorite outfit and figure out exactly what you like about it. If you make more outfits like that, imagine how easy getting dressed would be and how happy you would be with what you're wearing. Stop over-thinking it and wear what makes you feel good.

      5) Stop holding on to things you MIGHT wear someday. Letting go is so therapeutic. When I purge a client's closet, I often get rid of 1/3 to 1/2 of their wardrobe. Giving my client's permission to let go of items that don't make them feel good or like themselves feels amazing. They tell me that all the time. And less is more. More things in your closet does not make getting dressed easier. It's overwhelming. Back to #4. Figure out what you love to wear and remove the rest from your life. Someone else may love those items so be sure and donate gently worn items to local charities, like Goodwill or Dress For Success.