Nike Hoop Summit

      The Nike Hoop Summit has a tradition of featuring the world's upcoming basketball talent. This annual basketball game is played under international rules and features the USA Basketball Men's Junior National Select Team, comprised of the top high school boy senior players, playing against a World Select Team, comprised of top players 19-years-old or younger from around the world.

      The inaugural Nike Hoop Summit was played in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1995. Since then, the event has been played in Lake Buena Vista, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana; San Antonio, Texas; and Memphis, Tennessee. This is the 5th consectutive year the game has been played in Portland, Oregon.

      The Hoop Summit has featured some of the NBA's current stars including: Nicolas Batum Kevin Durant Monta Ellis Kevin Garnett Rudy Gay Kyrie Irving Al Jefferson Joe Johnson Kevin Love Dirk Nowitzki Tony Parker Derrick Rose Josh Smith John Wall

      The Nike Hoop Summit takes place this Saturday at the Rose Garden at 7:00 pm. For tickets call 1-1-877-789-7673.