No-Diet Ways to Live Healthier

      Sometimes just seeing or thinking the word diet can make us reach for the cheese whiz! By shifting your mental focus away from deprivation, better health and even weight loss can happen without the usual unpleasant side effects or weight gain. Self-esteem coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to share these eight secrets. She says use them and then analyze how you feel 30 days from now:

      1. Watch Your Language Drop verbal self-abuse about yourself and others. Don't think it or say it. Substitute weasel words with present-tense verbs (think Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live) whose mantra was "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me!". It's truly about reminding yourself that everybody messes up, not kicking yourself when you're down, looking at the big picture and identifying areas where you're doing well.

      2. Redesign Your Recreational Lifestyle If you pride yourself on being an involved parent, plan a bi-weekly family bike ride or coach your child's little league and participate in the warm-up exercises. if you're an animal lover, get a dog and walk or run everyday with your pet at a set time.

      3. Stop Rushing Body, mind and spirit replenishment is only possible when you slow down. Don't be susceptible to social pressures. Instead, be a non-conformist and stay home and read, sleep, meditate, paint, sew ~ create ways to allow your whole self to catch up with the fast pace of life.

      4. Pay Attention Become excited and interested in everything, even ordinary things; see the world through a dog's eyes.

      5. Set Minimal Goals Instead of focusing on the most dreaded tasks, focus on the easiest. For example, instead of thinking about needing to work out for an hour each day, concentrate on drinking more water. Can't imagine how you'll find the time to shop for a week of healthy groceries, instead reconfigure your refrigerator and make your healthiest foods the most visible.

      6. Become Conscious of Whatever Provokes Resentment This is the big brick wall that is keeping you from living your best life!

      7. Keep it Real To be genuine, you must be honest with yourself first, and then with others.

      8. Find Like-Minded Community When you surround yourself with others who share similar goals, it's downright inspiring.

      For more information, visit Laure's blog.