Non-Prescription Ways to Banish the Blues

      Everyone has those days when life feels too heavy to carry. Self-esteem coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to share some concrete ways to cope, while also gaining more control over circumstances that feel out of control; ultimately finding your own version of turning lemons into lemonade.

      1. Be Grateful for Your Difficulties: They are your greatest teachers-- separate the thoughts you are thinking from the situation, which is always neutral. Remember there is A) the situation or the fact and B) your thoughts about it.

      2. Send Love: Take time throughout the day to breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and scalp and send someone a loving thought; this blesses both the giver and receiver.

      3. Don't Mistake Peace with Unconsciousness: Peace is not being asleep or being numb. It's the opposite. It's a state of heightened aliveness where your choices are directed from an honest, mindful place.

      4. Make Friends with a Mirror: You're living with yourself all day long, make sure you're in good company. It helps to remember that you'll never be as young as you are this very second.

      5. Have Some Fun: Disengage the autopilot, switch off the controls, stop being so sensible, issue a friendly restraining order to your superego (helps to listen to Sheryl Crow singing "All I Wanna Do").

      6. Take Care of Your Health and Well-Being: Start with one change. Eliminate processed food, raw sugar or high fat dairy products for one week and notice how you feel. Give yourself some of your best attention and be extra kind to yourself.

      7. Expand Your Self-Awareness: Having a closed mind doesn't feel good, so whenever you detect any kind of inner discomfort (this is the inner pinch that lets you know it's time to expand your awareness) stop believing that being stuck, judgmental or self-important ever works and seek meditation, self-reflection, prayer, contemplation and/or counseling.

      For more information, visit Laure's blog.