Nothing to Wear? Shop in Your Closet!

      Looking Good...every day: Style Solutions for Real Women by Nancy Nix-Rice is a comprehensive, step-by-step volume for any woman who wants to know how to look her best, every day. Nancy leads readers through the fundamental and essential style principles, from discovery to application to wardrobe maintenance. Readers learn to identify their innate assets and how to accentuate them no matter their lifestyle and budget.

      Defining your unique style personality
      Creating a personal "body map" to define your silhouette
      Pinpointing your most flattering color choices
      Diving in to clean out and organize the clothes you have
      Recognizing what doesn't work, and learning to say goodbye!
      Identifying clothes worth keeping, and how to make them worth wearing
      Learning sanity-saving shopping strategies for any budget

      Looking Good Every Day features makeovers of real women of many ages, sizes, ethnicities, and professions. This book is for everyone! With the knowledge you'll gain, you'll be able to:

      * Use "Points of Connection" to find your best makeup, hair styles,
      skin care, and eyeglasses
      * Recognize the best lines and designs for your silhouette
      * Choose colors that spotlight your unique beauty
      * Link unexpected color combinations into stunning outfits
      * Pack easily and quickly to travel in style

      With these skills, you'll quickly be ready to build a 12-piece capsule wardrobe that can yield 96 different outfits! Plus, use the same principles to design smaller capsules for casual and dressy occasions. You're already one step closer a closet of outfits that look great on YOU!

      When you understand what works for you, it's easy to start looking good every day!