Nurturing Your Newborn

      What if we thought of the gestation of a human being as taking a full calendar year, rather than the nine months we've always counted off? That's the premise of the nw book, The Fourth Trimester: Understanding, Protecting and Nurturing an Infant Through the First Three Months by Susan Brink.

      The medical journalist joined us to share why she created the "operating manual" for parents and caretakers to consult during the first three months. Her book answers some the following questions and more: After nine months of comfort in the uterus, having every need instantly met, what does a newborn feel when confronted with the reality of the world? What does the world sound like, look like, feel like? How do they communicate their real and constant needs from day one, and what does a parent look for to read their communication? How do our instinctive responsesspeaking style, cuddling impulse, acknowledging a yawn or a sneezetranslate to brain development?

      For more information on the book, visit Susan's Facebook page.