Olympic Athletes' Best Core Exercises

      The Olympic Games are in full swing, so Fitness Expert Beth Oliver showed us her favorite core exercises from our favorite Winter Olympians.

      Do you ever wonder how Olympic athletes train? Of course, there are sport specific things that an athlete has to factor in as they prepare for the games. But the one thing that all athletes do religiously is train the core, and for the winter Olympics especially, they get off balance! Here are some great core exercises that will get you ready for whatever events you have coming up, whether it's skiing, snowboarding or just keeping up with the kids!

      • Skier Julia Mancuso: single leg dead lift on Bosu ball.

      • Skier Lindsey Vonn: Bosu ball toss.

      • Snowboarder Scotty Lago: power hop on Bosu ball

      • Ice dancer Charlie White: Russian Twist

      • Snowboarder Elena Hight: medicine ball windmill