Oregon Virtual Academy

      The Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA) uses the K curriculum to offer Oregon students in grades K-12 an exceptional learning experience. With individualized learning approaches, the Oregon Virtual Academy and K provide the tools kids need to succeedin school and beyond.

      K12 student Cayla Bleoaja and middle school teacher, Keena Hormel joined us this morning to share how Oregon Virtual Academy can help students reach their full potential.

      For more information head to the website or call 855-968-7512

      Oregon Virtual Academy is a full-time, tuition-free online public charter school where students in grades K-12 can get an individualized education.
      ORVA students work with Oregon-certified teachers and a learning coach, usually a parent, on both online and offline coursework using the K12 curriculum.
      ORVA students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning abilities including
      advanced learners, struggling students, military families, competitive athletes and performers. Some students also go to ORVA to escape bullying or social pressures of traditional school.