Oregon's Wolves

      Oregon Wild's Wildlands and Wildlife Advocate Rob Klavins joined us today with an update on Journey, Oregon's male wolf who has traveled to Northern California in search of a mate. Rob also updated us on the state of wolves in Oregon and dispelled some of the common myths still surrounding wolves.

      In the Fall of 2011, OR7 - a wolf from the Imnaha Pack in Northeast Oregon - made history. After an epic journey across the state, the 2-year old male became the first wolf confirmed west of the Cascades since the last bounty was collected in 1947.

      After spending time in the Soda Mt. Wilderness, Klamath Basin and Sky Lakes Wilderness south of Crater Lake, he continued his journey South and became the first wolf confirmed in California in nearly a century! Part of what made his trek across the state possible were the Wilderness and roadless areas he traveled through. Learn more about roadless areas below.

      In an attempt to draw attention to the great conservation success story that is wolf recovery, Oregon Wild sponsored a kids art and naming contest. On January 4, 2012 OR-7 got a new name - Journey.

      On the very same day, the first "real" photo of Journey - taken by a hunters trail camera - surfaced in the Medford Mail Tribune. A few months later, the first color photo of Journey was released by the California Department of Fish & Game. ODFW is no longer releasing new information on Journey. However, the California Department of Fish & Game regularly updates his (generalized) location.

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