Organize to Downsize

      Are the kids out of the nest and you're ready to retire? Whether you're looking to be a snowbird in Florida or wanting to retire closer to home, the first thing most people need to do is down-size - as task which can be daunting. Home organization expert and owner of dClutter, Tracy McCubbin, joined us with some helpful hints to make the daunting task more doable.

      She says you first need to determine whose stuff is whose. Now is the time for everyone to be responsible for their own stuff. No more closets full of kid's trophies', especially if said kids are grown. Once you've whittled down to just your stuff, here's some helpful criteria for what to keep and what to let go of.

      Criteria for keeping things:

      1. You LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

      2. You use on a semi-regular basis.

      3. It's making you money.

      4. Do you have a place to store it?

      Now that you've sorted your stuff, it's time to dig in and de-clutter. Tracy has developed a 5-step process to make the process easier and more manageable:

      5 Steps to the dCluttering process:

      1. Pull Out

      2. Put Together

      3. Purge

      4. Put Back

      5. Peace of Mind

      Now that you've created a big pile to purge, what should you do with it? Either donate or sell it, but realize that you'll likely get a bigger tax write-off for donating than you would for the time and effort it takes to sell something.

      For more great information, visit Tracy's website.