Organize Your Home Office

      Our Lifestyle Expert, Krista Colvin, shared tips to organize your home office!

      1. Place all your extra supplies in a box, label it and place it in your office credenza or closet.

      2. Create a supply drawer Choose a drawer to house your supplies that need to be nearby but are not used daily. For example you may not use your stapler & tape dispenser daily so don't allow them to clutter up your workspace!

      3. Unclog your file drawers when they are too stuffed they don't function well. Move your "have to save" files like old tax files to a different area for storage. Keep your current files in the closest file drawer.

      4. Streamline your files, Krista prefers left justified. While you're at it use larger tabs with printed labels.

      5. Use a clipboard for your to-do list. Keep your list on top + all those little papers that accompany your to-do list under it. This will help you avoid those piles on your desk + allows you to take your to-dos with you.