Owl Art

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to make a trendy Owl picture and told us about the inaugural Clark County Open Studios Tour which is a great way to see 50 artists working in their studios. The Open Studios Tour is self guided and free to all. Tour guide booklets can be picked up at the preview reception or at all the participating artist's studios.

      Important Dates

      NOV 1 & NOV 2 Preview at VOCA 906 Harney

      NOV 9 & 10 10am to 5pm Studio Tour


      Owls have recently been a hot and hip item seen on everything from lunch boxes to pillow covers! These subjects lend themselves nicely to lots of different interpretations. Depending on the paper you use, will dictate the style or look you achieve. I used transparent paper with my kids so that I could put their pictures up on the windows and see them on both sides! You can use whatever paper is handy and just fill in with bright sharpie colors.

      Materials List:

      ~heavy stock paper or scrapbook paper

      ~sharpie pens (both thick and fine points)

      ~paper towels

      How to create the "Vintage Owl"

      1. Turn your paper horizontally

      2. Using a black sharpie go 1/3 the way down from the top, and about 3" from the right side to create a dot the size of a dime. Fill it in but leave a little circle of white showing through on the top for the highlight. Repeat on the other side coming in from the left.

      3. Then draw a little flower around each dot using curved lines.

      4. Next, draw an upside down triangle for the beak.

      5. From there follow the pattern shown using curved lines for the head and angled lines for the ears.

      6. The wings will be next, then the stomach, feet, and branch at the bottom.

      7. Use whatever pattern you'd like to fill in the stomach or the wings to show feathers. This is great because everyone will have a different interpretation of what pattern works for feathers.

      8. Lastly, fill in the entire or part of the owl with bold sharpie colors. It's the simplicity of the shape combined with the blocked color that makes this bird sing!

      9. Add any other blocks of color or words to finish it and "Enjoy"!