Paint Ceramics Like a Pro

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to paint ceramics like a pro.

      "Have you ever wanted to paint a plate, mug, or platter? As a painter I've often wanted to dabble
      in ceramics, but I knew it would take several steps and weeks to complete such a task. However,
      with this product and technique, you can paint on already fired ceramics eliminating the extra
      time and guesswork in glazing".

      ~White ceramic bowl, plate, cup etc.
      ~Air Dry PermEnamel paints
      ~Air Dry PermEnamel surface conditioner
      ~Air Dry PermEnamel clear gloss glaze
      ~nylon brushes
      ~paper towels
      Painting the ceramics:
      Paint a thin coat of surface conditioner over all the ceramic surfaces you plan to
      paint. Once dried, begin painting your design using the Air Dry PermEnamel
      paints. You can mix colors and layer just like painting on a canvas. Let rest for an
      hour or two and then finish off with the clear gloss glaze. Do not wash for 10 days
      and then use accordingly.
      Sample ideas: Flowers, landscape or sky scenes can be incredible subjects to paint on a mug or
      plate. Fabulous gift ideas for Christmas gift, or special family gift.