Paint Terracotta Pots

      Professional Artist Elida Field showed Helen how to take clay pots from ho-hum to wow!

      June marks the beginning of summer. Flowers are in full bloom, berries are in season, and the NW is bursting with color! Add a splash of color to your ordinary clay pots and transform them
      into a piece of modern art! You can mix the colors with a brush or let them drip and swirl together on their own. Either way, they will be show stoppers with or without plants and flowers
      planted in them.
      ~Acrylic paints (preferable the acrylics you can use on ceramics or glass found at any craft store)
      ~clay pots, any size
      ~paper towels
      ~Finishing spray (optional if you want to put these pots outdoors and for extra
      protection...option for glossy or matte finish).
      Making Colorful Painted Ceramic Pots:
      1. Turn your pot upside down on paper towels or canvas on the table.
      2. Start dripping the acrylic paint around the base of the pot, leaving a little space between each
      drip of paint for the next color. Repeat the pattern with more colors until you've used all of
      the colors you want.
      3. Next, turn the pot on its edge and tap it up and down on the table...allowing the colors to run
      into each other and start to swirl as they move down towards the bottom and to the side of the
      pot (actually the top of the pot as we are working upside down.)
      4. Once you've swirled the colors enough around the pot, let it sit upside down until completely
      5. In a well ventilated area spray with the fixative to give it a clear coat and protective finish.
      Then plant whatever flowers or plants that fit your fancy and put your artistic pot on display
      somewhere for the world to enjoy!
      Variation: Instead of allowing the colors to drip and swirl on their own, you can always take
      a larger brush and drag it around the pot evenly or with a slight curved line for more consistent
      color over all. The colors will be more blended, but still have some swirls and interest to them.
      It's best to only use 2-3 colors when doing this method.