Portland's Own World Palindrome Champion

      A palindrome is a word, line or verse that reads the same forwards and backwards -- like Mom or Madam, I'm Adam. Portland's own Mark Saltveit was crowned World Palindrome Champion last weekend in New York. He stopped by to tell us how he did it!

      Mark's winning palindrome was: "Devil Kay fixes trapeze part; sex if yak lived."

      You can read more about the World Palindrome Championship right here.

      Mark also wrote palindromes especially for his appearance on the show. Here they are:

      Nod, border foe! Dive! (KATU, take video.) Fred, rob Don.

      Egat! So, Heide Klum: Ray Romano's red? Naw. Evade Dave W. Anderson "amor", yarmulke. Die, hostage!

      Sit, partner-apparent Raptis!

      "Reno, sir?" Pal, I am on AM NW -- a pawn, man. O, mail a prisoner!