Posture 101

      Posture affects everything from our chances of getting injured to how tall we look. Fitness Expert Beth Oliver stopped by with information about why posture is so important and what we can do to improve it.

      Most people would agree that having great posture is an important part of a healthy life. It helps you look taller, appear confident and helps reduce pain and injuries. It's estimated that 85 % of adults in the USA complain about low back pain in particular. Knowing a few simple exercises can help alleviate all that and boost your confidence too. Here are the three things you need to know:

      1. "The Core" isn't just the front side of the body, it's basically 4 different muscle groups.

      • Rectus Abdominus flexes or bends the spine forward.
      • Obliques rotate and bend sideways.
      • Transverse abdominus compresses the abdomen.
      • Erector Spinae extend the spine.

      You need to do all of these movements to create great posture.

      2. Train for great posture with your belly button facing in four different directions:

      • Forward -- Hold in Abdominals
      • Up -- Single Leg Extension
      • Down -- Baby Cobra and Plank
      • Side -- Side Plank and Oblique Twist

      3. Do some movements that "mobilize" (Move) and some that "stabilize" (Hold tight)