Potluck Protocol

      If you want to throw a quick and easy party, host a potluck -- as long as you follow Etiquette Expert Melanie Perko's Potluck Protocol. She stopped by to inform us that etiquette rules still apply - for both hosts and attendees.

      • Great way to share fun, costs and favorite recipes, but takes host organization
      • Host must assign like dishes (like in cost, heartiness and variety, and theme appropriate) and provide some of the basics, beer, wine, back up dishes
      • Host should not hold a potluck in place of a party where they should be 100% hosting -- birthday, graduation, graduation dinner and wedding
      • Be aware if you are bringing the hors d'oeuvre, you should be on time if not early
      • Be aware of food allergies so be prepared to list out or announce ingredients
      • Many guests shy away from dips, mayo dishes, creams, anything bacteria producing
      • Know that brownies are the most popular dessert for potlucks
      • Know that a veggie tray is not a dish
      • Label your dish and be prepared to leave contents as a hostess gift, also bring the proper utensils for your dish
      • If you need oven space of prepare time, advise your hostess