Preparing Pets for "Your" Spring Break Getaway

      Leaving for vacation isn't as simple as locking the door and getting in a cab if you have pets. Pet Expert Cheryl Hansen joined us today with tips on preparing your pets for your getaway.

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      In Home Care: Neighbors, friends, family vs professional services

      1. Be Clear in expectations

      2. Post all emergency contacts and health/vet information

      3. Be honest about pet behavior and habits

      4. Warn the neighbors that you'll be gone and having someone come to your house to watch your pet. Also tell sitter/walker if someone else is expected at your home while you're away.

      Boarding Care

      1. Take you pet to the facility, get acquainted with caregiver, short overnight stay as an introduction

      2. Be sure vaccinations, flea meds, worming are up to date and all contact info is current.

      3. be honest about habits/behaviors: Does your dog climb fences? Chew bedding? Need lots of exercise to be calm?

      4. Bring food + favorite dish with instructions but don't overfeed prior to admission into facility...stress could cause digestive issues.

      5. Pack your pet's favorite things, include personal item of your own. know what you CAN bring per rules.

      Traveling Along

      1. Car - water/food bowl, bedding, chew toys, long leash for rest areas, clean up products, poop bags, PATIENCE, ploy out stays in pet friendly hotels

      2. Plane - reserve well in advance, airline approved kennels, limited in-cabin pets, chew toys, cleanup products, vet assistance in determining if need to sedate pet

      3. Trains - NO pets Buses - under 25 pounds at discretion of bus company

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