Products Safe for Your Garden

      With yard season kicking into high gear you might be peeking at garden products in your shed or planning to purchase some and wondering how safe they are. There's a new free iPhone app, from Grow Smart, Grow Safe, that rates the safety of more than 1,000 products and provides tips for safe and healthy yard care. Metro Toxics Expert Carl Grimm showed us how to use it.

      Start with the problem
      Do you have "Insects?" "Weeds?" "Diseases?" Click on your problem from a short list.
      Then click on "Find it" to get a list of top tips for solving the problem without chemicals.
      Below the tips, you'll find a list of products ranked by overall hazard. The rankings are color-coded from lowest to highest green to orange to red.

      Ask Metro for more information about the Grow Smart Grow Safe app and ways to help you care for your yard without pesticides at 503-234-3000 or You can get all the same information on the app by heading to the growsmartgrowsafe website.