Put the Joy Back in Cooking

      Tod Davies returns to the Jam Today series to share new recipes from her home kitchenand stories about her experiences cooking for herself and her friends, family, and petsduring the best and worst of times. Whether she's describing how she set up her kitchen in an RV after a flood, encouraging young feminists to try cooking a baked potato, adapting an M.F.K. Fisher recipe to create "the world's simplest hollandaise sauce," or singing the praises of her favorite local food purveyors, her infectious enthusiasm provides inspiration for everyone from trained chefs to those barely able to scramble an egg.

      Featuring advice for omnivores and vegetarians alike about how to eat (and what to prepare) to survive natural disasters, cross-country moves, bereavement, holidays-gone-wrong, and even a spontaneous picnic, Jam Today Too provides all the ingredients for daily feeding of mind, body, and soul.

      You can meet Tod today at her book event at Powell's, 3723 SE Hawthorne in Portland, at 7:30 pm.

      Here's her simple recipe for delicious roasted tomatoes:

      Take as many firm organic Roma tomatoes as will fit, split, on a cookie sheet in your oven.

      Split the tomatoes almost in half, leaving halves connected. Spread them open and deposit on foil-covered cookie sheet.

      Scatter coarse salt atop.

      Dribble some olive oil on top (this is optional)/

      Put in low-temperature oven 200-250 degrees.

      Leave them alone for, say, two hours. What you want is a dried tomato that is flexible but not leathery.

      When you've reached the perfect stage, just pile in a bowl and put in the fridge. They'll keep for a long time.

      They're good for pasta sauce, bruschetta spread, pizza , salads. Go wild!