Quick Fixes for Fashion Emergencies

      The key to pull off any fashion style is confidence. Don't let a wardrobe "oops" prevent you from rocking your look! Hollywood Style Expert Alle Fister joined us to share some simple ways to handle a fashion emergency:

      • Prone to runs in your hose? Spray your pair with hairspray before you wear, to avoid snags! Dab an existing run with clear nail polish to prevent it from tearing further.

      • Spilled on your blouse? Where there's red winethere's usually white. Grab a napkin, douse it in a glass of white wine and dab lightly to neutralize a red wine stain. You can also use club soda.

      • Faded, shrunken jeans? Do NOT to overwash jeans! Avoid regular washing, and to kill odor causing bacteria by putting denim in plastic bag and then into freezer overnight. When you do need to wash, you should always wash denim inside out and skip the dryer, to avoid shrinkage.

      • Stiff, boxy T-Shirt rubbing you the wrong way? Make your t-shirts vintage-soft by "brining" them in salt water before washing. Mix 1 quart water and 1/2 cup of salt, soak tee for about three days, then wash and dry per usual. Keep graphic tees looking brand new by washing them inside out, and laying flat to dry.

      • Wrinkled clothing? Use a hair straightening iron on high heat to press minor wrinkles on collars, hems, etc.