Reduce Your Family's Exposure to Lead

      Recent news showed that the water in some homes in Portland had lead levels above accepted levels.Pediatrician Dr. George Bengtson shared how you can reduce your family's exposure to lead.

      - Run water from your main pips for 30 sec to 2 min to let standing water flush out if water is to be used for drinking or cooking.

      - Don't cook with or drink water from the hot water tap as hot water pulls more lead from the pipes into the water.

      - Your aerators, the little screens at the end of you facuet, can trap lead-containing metal in your water. Unscrew your aerator and clean it occasionally.

      - Not all water filters are created equal. For water filter performance standards click here.

      - If you're concerned about your children, you can have your child's blood tested at your doctor's office.

      - For a free lead-in-water test for your home call Portland's Leadline at 503-988-4000.

      -To learn even more go to or or call the Portland Water Bureau at 503-823-7525.