Reduce Your Pet's Back to School Anxiety

      Pet Expert Cheryl Hansen joined us in studio to offer helpful tips to ease the stress of "back-to-school" for your pets.

      The transition from the dog days of summer to back to school can be as difficult and anxiety producing for your pets as it is for your kids. Anytime there is a change in routine or schedule, our pets are affectedprobably more than we realize. For some pets, the confusion lasts a couple of days and they gently settle into a new routine. For others, the loss of playmates and attention can cause serious behavior problems and depression. Tips include:

      • Get pets accustomed to the kids' absence
      • Establish a new routine
      • Provide new toys
      • Before school, have kids play with pet, then feed
      • Modify goodbye and arrival greetings
      • Ask kids to come up with ideas to include dog in after school activities

      Our rescue dog is Miss Vivienne, a Yorkie mix , probably with Peke. She was rescued from a puppy mill situation and is remarkably well adjusted. She loves loves loves lap time and her person. She would be a wonderful pet for an older person or couple, older respectful kids would be fine. She doesn't like other small alpha type female dogs, but gets along fine with all other big and small dogs.
      For more information on Miss Vivie, please click here.