Resolve to Be More Romantic

      Romance Novelist, Delilah Marvelle, and author of Forever and a Day, had tips for keeping the romantic fires burning all year long.

      1.) Start the new year by writing down 12 things you want for your relationship on 12 separate pieces of paper. Having a hard time coming up with 12 things? Ask your loved one to help. Fold up those 12 things, mix them up, pop them in a drawer and on the first of every month, pull one of the papers out randomly and make an effort to oversee that goal for the month. We can't focus on making things happen all year round or overnight, but if you break it down to a monthly goal and bring in new monthly goals, you'll find yourself focusing on what's most important: your relationship.

      2.)Try not to take things personally. Having been married for almost 18 years, I have learned that we, as women, have a tendency to latch on to things said by taking them personally when in fact, men have a tendency to blurt things and do things with a gruff honesty that isn't always thought through. What I take personally isn't what my husband meant. Consider asking questions, instead of reacting and latching onto the bad. Your stress level will appreciate it and your loved one will, too.

      3.) Spend less time with electronics and more time talking. With the age of cell phones, we're all getting into the bad habit of paying more attention to twitter and building superficial relationships as opposed to the ones we're in. Make it a rule to turn off your cell phone (and his) for at least an hour a day to talk. The more you talk, the more you bond.

      4.) Set new "dates" for each other. Do you always go to the movies? Break the routine and throw in something neither of you have ever done before. Like a balloon ride. Or snow shoeing. Something neither of you have ever done as a couple. It allows for adventure and bonding time to explore new things TOGETHER.

      5.) Ask yourself what more can you do to ensure your relationship is a happy one? We always focus on what the other person is doing wrong, but what about sharing in that responsibility? Realize where your shortcomings are and try to make up for it. When you're working on making the relationship better, your loved one will notice and if they love what they see, will be working toward ensuring you keep at it .