Retail Therapy

      Psychologist, Goali Saedi, says that often the rhetoric on shopping to "feel better" has been extreme and overly negative. While there are those who can get into trouble overspending, there are also those that fall on the other extreme end of the continuum and feel guilty spending anything on themselves that isn't an essential.

      The truth is, it can be the little costs that add up and save your mental health. Think about all the times when you thought you were going to lose your mind and then talked to a friend and immediately felt yourself calm down. Or the time you were having a bad day and took a shower with a new body wash whose scent was invigorating and felt even a tiny bit better. Maybe it was just for a moment, but you forgot your woes. In cognitive behavioral therapy, distraction techniques are sometimes effective ways of freeing our mind from the incessant stream of negative thoughts. As such, there can be small costs that can improve mood and overall mental health.

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