Revive the Romance

      Ceritied Imago Relationship Expert Norene Gonsiewski shared the importance of romance in committed relationships.

      Romance is made up of loving gestures that produce deep feelings of excitement, love and connection, and have an element of surprise. It is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. The most special aspect is the discovery of your loved one's desires to please you. However in long-term relationships the thrill of discovery wanes.

      64% of American men and 63% of American women claim that they want their partner to be more romantic. More than a third of the men around the world say that it bothers them a lot that their partner isn't more romantic!

      What can you do to be romantic? Here are some ideas:

      Romantic Ideas for Her (From the book 101 Inexpensive Romantic Ideas for the Average Guy by J.B. Parker)

      Your partner may feel loved if you did any of the following for her:
      Get a blank card and write a short letter to let her know how much you love her, respect her and appreciate that she is in your life. Mail it to her home, even if you live with her.
      Draw a "frame" on the bathroom mirror with lipstick (or a bar of soap) and write, "picture perfect" beneath it.
      Surprise her with a picnic lunch complete with a blanket, a basket of deli foods and some music.
      Put rose petals all over the bed. (Sounds hokey? This is a wonderful surprise).
      Leave her a short love note in the back pages of a book she is reading.
      Leave her a single red rose under the windshield wipers (with no note).
      Paint her toenails.
      Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says "I Love You!" and post it on her Facebook page.
      On a moonless night take her stargazing. Take a telescope if you have one or can borrow one, or binoculars. Take along a blanket, pillows, wine (be the designated driver so she can enjoy more than a glass) and a wonderful dessert from her favorite place.
      And, last but certainly not leastshow her affection in public. Hold her hand, put your arm around her, open a car door and spontaneously give her a kiss on the street or trail.

      Romantic Ideas for Him (Gathered from men's suggestions online)

      Your partner may feel loved if you did any of the following for him:
      Join him in his hobby spontaneously. Play a video game, take him to the riving range or arrange day fishing.
      Bring him dessert from your girl's night out.
      Greet him at the door and give him a real kiss. No peck on the cheek. A movie kiss.
      Give him a massage without his having to ask
      Have a Happy Hour at Home awaiting him. Make cocktails and appetizers or a bottle of wine and an antipasti plate.
      Plan a date and pay for it.
      Write him a card that tells him he is handsome and caring and you'll love him no matter what. Underling the words, "You make me so happy". Mail it to him at work if you can. If not, at home.
      Take his arm when you cross the street.
      Take him out for a drink and sit near him. Whisper something in his ear (not blatantly sexual) but romantic or promising.
      Get the kids out of the house for the night, get his favorite comedy, make homemade popcorn, buy his favorite movie candy and beverage and light some candles. Sit close, play footsies and laugh with him. (No heavy talk!)