River Safety Tips You Need to Know

      Lt. Kirk Stempel, PIO for the Gladstone Fire Deparmtent, shared important tips for water safety.

      *Water is extremely cold
      Body temp lowers after 15 minutes causing muscles to not work as they normally would. Your judgment starts to be affected. People overestimate their swimming ability .
      * Never drink alcohol and swim or boat.
      It doesn't take much for a person's judgment to be affected, combined with the sun, deadly results.
      * Never swim alone!
      Safety in numbers. If you see your friend in trouble, call for help! The one that needs help might cause you to become a victim. Even being a professional, we would rather use reach, throw and then go .
      * Don't use " pool toys " in the rivers.
      These are made to be used for very light use, not rivers. Snags can cause these to puncture very fast!
      * Wear a life vest !
      Properly fitted, and the correct type. State law requires that everyone on a raft must have a life jacket, under 12 years old must be wearing it. Different types of jackets and the proper fit.