Rocker & Reality TV Star Dee Snider

      He burst onto the music scene in 1982 as the frontman for the rock bank "Twisted Sister." Dee Snider has come a long way since then: he still celebrates all things hard rock and heavy metal and tours with his iconic band, but he's also evolved into a radio host, actor and commentator.

      Dee joined us to talk about one of the most uproarious turns in his career-- the role of "Lance Rockett" in FEARnet's Original Series Holliston. Full of irreverent humor and shocking special effects, Holliston follows the daily exploits of two aspiring horror filmmakers who are dealing with the struggles of post-college life and relationships while trying to catch a break in the business and biding time at their jobs at a local radio station. Lance is their micromanaging and enthusiastic bossa sexually ambiguous, walking cloud of Aquanet who's hopelessly stuck in the 80's and fronting a local Van Halen tribute band.

      • Holliston Season Two Premiere

      • Tuesday, June 4 at 7:00pm

      • FEARnet

      For more information on the show, visit the website.