Salem Laser & Surgery Center

      Cataracts can make night driving difficult and cause more sensitivity to light. Janice Bangs went to Salem Laser and Surgery Center to meet Dr. David Rowell and find out more about the latest in laser surgery. Salem Laser & Surgery Center is the first and only surgery center in Oregon to offer femtosecond laser for laser cataract surgery.

      Salem Laser & Surgery Center is an outpatient surgical center specializing in eye care. Thousands of procedures are performed each year at Salem Laser & Surgery Center by some of the region's most prominent and trusted ophthalmologists. Using cutting edge technology and unparalleled medical expertise, the physicians and staff perform a variety of procedures: including eyelid reconstruction, lens replacement, LASIK and cataract surgery.

      The Center is located at 1330 Commercial Street SE in Salem, OR 97302 Phone: 1-888-687-7161