Save Money on Groceries While Cutting Food Waste

      Most Americans are wasting a lot of money why letting food sit in the refrigerator until is goes bad. Blogger Sara Tetreault joined us to share some simple ways to cut down on food waste while saving money:

      1. Meal Plan - Make a plan to eat your food. Meals plan once a week and then make a grocery list after checking what's on sale and what's on hand.

      2. Love your leftovers - Pack a lunch (or have dinner a second night!) made with last night's dinner. If the meal was good to begin with, it's better the next day because you don't have to cook again.

      3. Shop from the bulk bins - This doesn't equal buying in bulk - but buying only what you need. It's usually less expensive than brand name products and there's no extra packaging.

      4. Use the freezer - Freeze foods before they go bad. Fruits and vegetables can be frozen rather than left to go bad and tossed out. Herbs, greens purchased in plastic containers, carrots, fruit, heels of bread - it can all be frozen before it goes bad. Then, toss into scrambled eggs, soup or stew.

      5. Make broth with scraps - Yes, compost your vegetable scraps but first make broth! Save carrot tops, celery tops, onion skins, herb stems, chicken bones - accumulate in the freezer and then toss into a pot and simmer.

      6. Remove refrigerator drawers - If you can't see what's in your refrigerator, consider removing a drawer so that it's easy to see your food.

      7. Bring it home - When dining at restaurants where portions are large, save money and share a dinner or bring an empty container and bring your leftovers home. Breakfast or lunch the next day is all set.

      For more great money-saving ideas, visit Sara's blog.