Say "Yes" to Chasing Your Dreams

      You're stuck in a dead end job and you feel like life is passing you by. You know you're meant to do something else that makes you feel alive, that makes your heart sing. Or, you want to leave your town and move to a new place, and start a new life. Or maybe you're feeling lonely and disconnected. You long for a loving relationship, an amazing connection with that special someone you can romp through life with. Whatever you desire, the big question is how do you take it from
      a dream state to making it come true? How do you live your dream? The answer according to Intuitive Life Coach and author, Gary Quinn, is that you must first say YES to it...and when you do that, your world starts to open up to endless possibilities, all the way to that dream becoming a reality. In his new book, The YES Frequency, Gary Quinn teaches you new skills to help you manifest your dreams and desires through the power of YESsaying it, thinking it, being it and believing it.

      Gary has a book signing and talk event tonight at 7:00 at New Renaissance books located at 1338 NW 23rd in Portland.

      Begin with these five steps to start manifesting your dreams using The YES Frequency:
      Step #1: YOU are the most important step in manifesting your dream. Pay attention to your responses on a daily basis. Are you NO-ing everything? Seeing the glass half empty? Resisting opportunities? Our words and thoughts have energy that creates a cause and effect situationwhat you think and say shows up in your life experiences.
      Step #2: Eliminate (or greatly reduce) the NO response. Get in the habit of resisting the NO. When you always think or say NO, you'll find more NO in your life, shrinking it into an unfulfilling, unhappy (and pretty boring!) state of being. (of course there are times when you need to say no, we're not talking about being smart and safe)
      Step # 3: Transform your daily NO habit to a YES habit. Think and say YES instead (even say it aloud!) to build your YES! Muscle. Especially say YES to the hurdles and challenges seeing them as opportunities. The more you say it, think it and believe it, the closer you get to manifest your dream.
      Step #4: Expand that YES habit to affirmationsSimple, positive, sentences that keep tapping you on the shoulder and whispering in your ear to keep your dream charged like a battery in a phone. Like, "I love my new job" or "I love my new life in" or "I am in a happy, loving, sizzling relationship." Or simply, "I'm in love."
      Step #5: Now that you're living in a YES attitude, and you've activated your YES Frequency, it's time to take action. Action is critical. When you're walking through life in a YES state, it acts like a powerful magnet to manifest your dreams. You start to attract the right people and opportunities to help you get what you want. When those people and opportunities appear, you must take steps to integrate them into your dream plan. Remember, just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes
      more than just YOU to make your dream(s) come true. It's a team effort! But you have to lead the team! And you do that by taking action. The biggest reason dreams don't materialize is that we get overwhelmed and we give up too soon. The key is to break down the journey into small steps. See yourself taking one step at a time, each acting as a YES motivator, inspiring and energizing you to take the next step and the next all the way to your dream destination. Your dream may even change and morph into something different (even better!) than you first imagined. Stay open. Say YES.