Self-Defense Tips

      Self-defense has less to do with the power of your punch and more to do with how you use your brain! Safety Expert Maura Barclay, author of the book Unbreakable Woman, joined us to share a few safety tips:

      • Walk like a Superhero - Strangers only know what YOU tell them with your body language and your attitude. If you walk like you can handle yourself, that will be communicated loud and clear. Fake it 'Till you make it.

      • Change the weather. This is an assertiveness tool. If someone is creeping you out, you can be "nice" but your body language and energy will drop the temperature in the room to freezing, letting them know they are skating on thin ice.

      • Break the script- Criminals have a fantasy about how their targets will behave. If you say what is happening in the moment (ex: You are not hearing me say no to you) you are "outting" them and it ruins their plan.

      • Stop the train - If a date starts to go in a direction you're not comfortable with, prevent any further momentum with a committed "Stop!" This prevents confusion and is a great date safety tool.

      • Make someone visible - Criminals want to be invisible. Sometimes simply acknowledging someone with a nod of your head or brief eye contact can eliminate you as a potential target.

      For more information, visit Maura's website.