Sell Everything and Start Over

      Who doesn't dream about selling everything and starting over? Lousie Lague and Tom Richty, an over-50 newlywed Portland couple, dreamed it and then did it. In their book, The Expat Almanac, based on their popular blog of the same name, Tom and Louise chronicle their trepidations, their joyous adventures, their tearful holidays, their travel bloopers, and the terrifying medical event that threatened Tom's life - twiceduring a year of living in other countries.

      This is more of a diary than a travelogue. Readers will learn about the logistics of the adventure, and something about the countries Louise and Tom lived in (Spain, Greece, Italy, and Mexico). But mostly they will be following a human story of love, adventure and resilience.

      For the many young singles and retiring Baby Boomers who are hoping to do the same thing, The Expat Almanac is a handbook. For people who wouldn't dare, this is a vicarious thrill.