Seven Reasons Why Men and Women Cheat

      According to the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, approximately 50% of married women and 60% of married men cheat. Self-esteem Coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to share the honest reasons why men and women stray while in a relationship:

      1. You Can Leave Your Hat On Realize that cheating comes in three flavors: A. emotional, B. recreational, C. sexual. If your primary relationship is lacking in any one of these areas you are in the danger zone.

      2. Please and Thank You are Magic Words 92% of cheaters admit that feeling under-appreciated kills the loyalty. As emotional beings we all share feelings of insecurity on the inside; nothing feels better then being appreciated on the outside.

      3. You Don't Have to be a Perfect 10 The "other" man or woman is rarely better looking or in better shape than your spouse, they simply take an interest in what you say or laugh at your jokes. It's that extra kindness and warmth and feeling heard that makes the difference.

      4. The Ugly Cry Can be Beautiful When you lose complete control of all the muscles in your face, start heaving and making awkward sounds and start leaking fluids from every opening on your face ~ this is the most important time to feel supported by your partner. Stay in the room and let your partner know you are there no matter how dramatic it gets, then they don't have to go elsewhere for that warm/fuzzy feeling.

      5. Fun is the Greatest Aphrodisiac When someone spends more time away from the house then in the house, it's usually the precursor to cheating. Pay attention to how you play or complete projects or share activities together before someone else does.

      6. Skin to Skin to Win It can be a meaningful kiss, holding hands while walking or true lovemaking. You don't have to sleep together in the same bed every night to feel physically fed, but couples do need to feel the loving connection of touch on a frequent basis to stay connected.

      7. Words are Weapons When you really want to hash something out, avoid being mean with your comments. Anger and upset can be gorgeous emotions that make great changes happen.

      For more information on mind-body health, visit Laure's website.