Should I Wear This?

      In today's edition of a fashion segment we call, "Should I Wear This," fashion stylist Kami Gray joined us to dish out her no-nonsense advice to willing participants who simply want to know, "Should I Wear This?"

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      Here is what Kami has to say about this month's participants:

      I like the purple dress on Samantha. I definitely think the belt is a good idea because it defines her waist. The neckline on the dress is really high, which makes an already busty gal like Samantha look even bustier. When shopping for dresses or tops, I would recommend she looks for a lower scoop or v-neck. To create the illusion of that on this dress, Samantha could add a prominent necklace that literally draws that shape on top of the existing neckline. For shoes, I would replace the flats with at least a 2 to 3 inch heel. It's going to create a more flattering silhouette overall. I chose a pair with a faux animal print to add a little print to how much solid color Samantha is wearing.

      I love what Dorothy has going on here. It's ageless, timeless, and flattering. I love the scarf and I love that she added a scarf, I just don't think the blue and white scarf is doing the rest of her ensemble justice. Since she's wearing so much black, a multicolored scarf with a slight amount of black might look better. I've shown two here that would work. But, yes Dorothy should wear this! Dorothy looks fun and sassy!

      What you wear is how you present yourself to the world and fashion is the instant communicator of who you are on the inside. Style is a way to show your personality. Paula is wearing three shades of pink. Nothing wrong with that, it's just a little boring and overly sweet. I bet there is more to Paula than that, She obviously likes pastels so I think she should mix it up a little and throw in some yellow pants. And instead of matching the pink stripe on the cardigan to the pink camisole, she could wear a white sleeveless blouse that makes sense of her slightly dressier shoes. Some subtle changes and presto, Paula's "personality" just got a whole lot livelier and more interesting, which I'm betting Paula is!

      My eye goes straight to those thick black shoes. I would replace those with a high wedge in a more neutral color, something casual and more youthful like the ones I've shown here. The black bracelet should also be replaced with something lighter and perhaps colorful. I love the denim jacket and dress, but the dress seems a couple of inches too long for Sarah. I would have it hemmed to mid-knee. That along with lighter colored shoes and Sarah would really elongate her legs and overall silhouette. Minor tweaks, and yes, adorable Sarah should wear it!

      You'll find more great fashion tips on Kami's blog.