Singer/Songwriter Callaghan

      Today, singer and songwriter Callaghan performed the songs "Best Year" and "Smile" from her debut album, Life In Full Color, which she co-produced with country star Shawn Mullins.

      Born in Boston, Lincolnshire to a musical family, Callaghan was classically trained on flute from age 6, then gravitated toward singing and playing piano. By 14 she was writing songs, and started trekking to London to record with various producers. At 18 Callaghan moved to London to live with her sister (whose flat was so tiny, the singer slept under the kitchen table), while recording a number of independent EPs and playing all over the city, at spots like the Bedford, Regal Room, Royal National Theatre and 100 Club. Since landing stateside Callaghan has toured extensively throughout the U.S. playing in 30 states.

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