Smart Summer Snacking for Kids

      Registered dietitian Connie Evers has just released the 4th edition of her book, How to Teach Nutrition to Kids. She joined us to share a few simple ways parents can keep their kids snacking in a healthy manner all summer long.

      1. Set a healthy summertime schedule
      - Skip the meal skipping. Make sure kids eat breakfast and have access to healthy snacks.
      - Go for better beverage control
      - Limit screen time and build in active play every day!

      2. Get a garden going
      - Start small
      - Grow in containers
      - Let kids have their own small garden patch

      3. Involve kids in the kitchen
      - Frozen Berry pops
      - Cookie cutter melon slices
      - Salad on a stick
      - Peanut butter hummus

      For the recipe, click here. For more great ideas for getting your kids to eat healthy, visit Connie's website.